Are GMO Foods Safe ?? Allergies, Cancer, Antibiotic Resistance

GMO Foods Safety ? Truth About GMOs

GMO CornAre GMO Foods Safe ? In the absence of credible independent long term feeding studies, the safety of GMOs is unknown.

Supporters of GMO’s say the technology is the only way to feed a populous world. Critics say we tamper with nature at our peril. Who is right?

The Truth About GMOs : Are They Safe? What Do We Know?

Are GMO’s benefit to the seller of the seeds only, as they can charge more money from farmers. ??

is there a huge link between major health problems and the consumption of GMOs.  ??

Are GMO Food Safe to Eat

If the EPA, the FDA and the National Academy of Sciences were actually there to protect public health, free of industry influence, none of this would be happening. Distrust is a rational response to corruption.

Farmers and agricultural scientists have been genetically engineering the foods we eat for centuries through breeding programs that result in largely uncontrolled exchanges of genetic material.

But before we rush to embrace these GMOs, why not wait until we can study them further? I don’t think GMOs are the answer. The best approach to farming is sustainable, local, and  organic produce crops.

Monsanto, Bayer and Dow/Dupont and Chem China was never a friend to the earth or its inhabitants. A quick search about Big Agro’s business practices will tell you all you need to know about their GMOs and other unethical practices.


In a world with an exponential population surge that also affects climate change, meeting the nutritional challenge for humankind is critical everywhere.

Improving crop yields and adapting to adverse climate threats that are already upon us is essential to humanity’s continued existence.

Why are so many people GMO Skeptic ?

Most of the research on GMO foods has been done or funded by the big Agro giants, for them profit is the only motive.

Today’s super rich created most of the pollution around the globe, but want the common man to pay for the cleanup!

Are GMOs causing an increase in allergies?

In the last 30 years food allergies especially in young children have gone up substantially.

So, what’s going on? what’s causing them?
The causes behind the increase in food allergies are not known.

GMO Labeling Debate

Should there be GMO labeling?
its not a stigma if foods containing GMO ingredients were required to be labelled and the ingredient list is apparent for all to read.

GMO labeling debate puts food industry on defensive. The backlash against artificial preservatives, artificial color, high fat and high sodium is about nutrition and health. We are unsure of GMO’s harm, so we need information for informed choice. Labeling is a Must for consumer choice!

GMOs and Cancer

How are GMOs and Roundup linked to cancer?

Many people believe that altering the plant or animal DNA, has a significant effect on a person’s chances of developing cancer. But the current research on the health risks of GMOs is in-conclusive.

Antibiotic Resistant GMO

GMOs could render important antibiotics worthless!

Eating GMO food can change the genetic make-up of your digestive system and could put you at risk of infections that are resistant to antibiotics.

In USA, 80% Off all food allergens are caused from eight foods: peanuts, tree nuts ((brazil nuts, walnuts, almonds), milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish and fish.

A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant or organism whose genetic makeup has been modified in a laboratory using genetic engineering.

EU treats all genetically modified crops (GMO crops), along with irradiated food as “new food”. They are subject to extensive, case-by-case, science-based food evaluation by the European Food Safety Authority</a (EFSA).

Are GMO foods contributing to obesity?

GMO foods have resulted in sweeter corn, gigantic sweeter grapes, and longer shelf life and consistent size so ‘stackable’.

Are we sweetening foods to the point that it contributes to eating more carbs and hence adding to diabetes and obesity rates?

Glyphosate & GMO

Glyphosate tolerance is a trait that allows farmers to spray the GM crops and kill the weeds but not the corn or soy.

Is Glysophate is bad for you, but probably okay except in large amounts.

Is Glyphosate a known human carcinogen ??

Glyphosate is not an herbicide that can be washed off your corn.

Glyphosate locks up metal nutrients so they cannot be used. GMO plants are designed to grow with a minimum of nutrients.

As chromium is needed to activate insulin, glyphosate is the 2nd major cause of type 2 diabetes.

Bottom line is we don’t know nor will we ever how many diseases and/or allergies are caused by ingesting GMOs due to no long term testing. It goes to labeling. Consumers have a right to know if the foods they buy contain GMO ingredients. Label the stuff so folks can be informed especially when corn and soy are such abundant ingredients in processed foods.

Countries growing GMO crops are:

CountriesBrazil, United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Bolivia, Philippines, Spain, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Colombia, Honduras, Chile, Sudan, Slovakia, Costa Rica, China, India, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, Portugal, Czech Republic, Pakistan and Myanmar.


What’s behind the rise in food allergies?

Are GMO foods safe and good for us?

How can you tell if you’re buying GM food?

The Truth about Genetically Modified Food

Are GMOs Causing Food Allergies?

Countries with GMO prohibitions :

Algeria : Cultivation banned. Imports banned.
Austria : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Azerbaijan : Cultivation banned. Imports allowed.

Belize : Cultivation banned. Imports allowed.
Bhutan : Cultivation banned. Imports banned.
Bosnia and Herzegovina : Cultivation banned. Imports allowed.
Bulgaria : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.

Croatia : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Cyprus : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.

Denmark : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Ecuador : Cultivation banned. Imports allowed.
France : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Germany : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Greece : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Hungary : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Italy : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.

Kenya : Cultivation prohibited. Imports banned.
Kyrgyzstan : Cultivation banned. Imports banned.
Latvia : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Lithuania : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.

Luxembourg : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.

Madagascar : Cultivation banned. Imports banned.
Malta : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Moldova : Cultivation banned. Imports allowed.

Netherlands : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales (United Kingdom) : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Norway : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.

Peru : Cultivation banned. Imports banned.
Poland : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.
Russia : Cultivation banned. Imports banned.
Saudi Arabia : Cultivation banned. Imports allowed.
Serbia : Cultivation banned. Imports allowed.
Slovenia : Cultivation prohibited. Imports allowed.

Switzerland : Cultivation banned. Imports allowed.

Turkey : Cultivation banned. Imports allowed.
Ukraine : Cultivation banned (though law is widely ignored). Imports allowed.
Venezuela : Cultivation banned. Imports banned.
Zimbabwe : Cultivation banned. Imports banned.


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